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How was the tea party?

I heard you had a tea party without me. How was it? Please tell me all about it. The hats looked amazing. I’ll try to take photos of them and post them here.

Mrs Chandler

Palm Sunday

The children acted out Palm Sunday (Rolling Theatre).

Maybe they will tell you the story. Watch this blog!


What a great introduction to fractions. What do you know about fractions? Share here on the blog.

Alice in Wonderland

What a great book to start our English with! Lewis Carroll has such a great imagination.

Share your thoughts with me.


Hi everyone,

I am just so excited that we are doing potions next term.

We will be looking at the style of writing two very famous authors have used, both of which have used potions in their stories.

Beetles and Badgers will have the opportunity to become writers just like these authors. I can’t wait to hear your stories.

Watch this space everyone, there might be some stories to be read on here soon.

Internet Safety Day

The children were learning all about ‘online reputation’ and about thinking carefully about what they put on the internet as it stays there permanently.


The children from Beetles wish to share some of their top tips through their Emojis:




Spread a little kindness

Let’s spread a little kindness!

It can make a big difference to spread a little kindness to those around you – especially if someone you know is having a difficult time.

The children from year 4 listened to a story about Brian, who was invisible in class. They used empathy and sympathy to understand how he felt and relate it to their own actions and feelings.


Can you relate to these feelings too?

Year 4 Exhibition – Blue Abyss

Year 4 did a great job of exhibiting their art work from their topic this term, ‘Blue Abyss’. The comments they received from the other classes included:

“I really like the sea creatures, they must have taken ages to do”

“They really did well with the submarines”

“Well done Beetles! Good models!”

“The models look like real-life sea creatures”


Are you ready? Open wide!

IMG_0451IMG_0452 IMG_0455IMG_0310

Scary!!!!! But those disclosure tablets did their job. Lovely clean teeth at the end of the school day.

Burps, Bottoms and Bile

Who thinks that they will enjoy the topic this term?

What did you think of the WOW day!

We started the day making fruit kebabs and burgers, then compared them to shop bought burgers and tinned fruit. Some of the children liked the latter best. Why do you think that was? What was your opinion?

Then we learnt about tooth decay and looked at some ‘beautiful’ photographs. Don’t you agree?

In the afternoon, we learnt how to brush our teeth really well. There were a lot of red mouths. Why was that now? Photographs of Beetles’ mouths to follow. Tell your friends to watch out for these.

What was your favourite part of the day and why?