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Make this tagline punchy and engaging!

Alice in Wonderland

What a great book to start our English with! Lewis Carroll has such a great imagination.

Share your thoughts with me.

Who is enjoying our novel?

Hi everyone,

What do you think of The Indian in the Cupboard so far?

Who can find out more about the Iroquois tribe? Did you know that each longhouse was named after a bird or animal?

The native Americans have symbols and the turtles is the most important one because it represents strength and patience. Who can find out what other symbols there are? Maybe you could make up some of your own symbols and create an alphabet. Then you could have a secret code with your friends.

Road Trip USA!

Can’t wait to start our new topic and learn all about the American states and tribes. I’m so excited! What do you already know?

We will also be sharing a new class novel about an Indian, called ‘Indian in the Cupboard’. Who can tell me the author? What do you think it will be about?

Enjoy Easter everyone and we look forward to seeing you soon!


World book day


This is the moment Rabbits and Beetles exchanged their poem recitals to each other. Both classes did a great job!

Celtic Warrior Soliloquy

In Year 4 we have been writing soliloquies from the point of view of Roman or Celtic warriors preparing for battle. Here is one we recorded using the App ‘Morph Booth’. Tell us what you think…