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Beetles work exhibition to parents

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The children had the opportunity to showcase their brilliant work from the Misty Mountains topic. They should very proud! Here are some of the parent’s positive comments:

“Lovely to see all the models and hard work the children have put in”

“Great to get the chance to see the children’s work and hear them be enthusiastic about what they’ve been doing”

“Great to see how the children have enjoyed learning about these topics. They are very enthusiastic to show what they have learnt. Lovely to involve the parents in the display to see the end result”


Are we enjoying the Romans so far?

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Celtic Warrior Soliloquy

In Year 4 we have been writing soliloquies from the point of view of Roman or Celtic warriors preparing for battle. Here is one we recorded using the App ‘Morph Booth’. Tell us what you think…

I am a Warrior!

How exciting! A new topic. I can’t wait to learn all about the Romans, what about you?

What do you know already? Please share what you have discovered about the Romans with us.


Try out some puzzles: