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Who is enjoying our novel?

Hi everyone,

What do you think of The Indian in the Cupboard so far?

Who can find out more about the Iroquois tribe? Did you know that each longhouse was named after a bird or animal?

The native Americans have symbols and the turtles is the most important one because it represents strength and patience. Who can find out what other symbols there are? Maybe you could make up some of your own symbols and create an alphabet. Then you could have a secret code with your friends.

Wow Day!

IMG_0302 IMG_0307 IMG_0308 IMG_0310

We had a great first day back.

It started with a treasure hunt. Can you tell me the states of America and their tribes? Look them up on a map to see where each one is.

Then we made crowns and torches from the Statue of Liberty. What can you tell me about the Statue of Liberty? What do the spikes represent? Why is it green? How and where was it made?

We also made an American flag. Who can remember how many stripes and stars there are and what they represent?

Then we started our new novel ‘Indian in the Cupboard’. What do you think will happen next? Please don’t say if you have already read this book, we don’t want to spoil it for the others.

Mrs Chandler says thank you for a fantastic day!

Let me know your views.